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Jun 26


They all want a Taste Of The Good Life

The European consumer takes a great interest in “The American Way of Life”. Interest in the country itself, the people, their habits, but most of all in their products.
The broadcasting of many movies and tv-series is a part of the popularity of the American products.
It’s not only fashion, cars and music, but food as well. Aside from fast food, there’s a whole range of food and food-ingredients suitable for the European market. The Americans are way ahead when it comes to convenience food. And alike the USA, Europe knows an increasing number of one- and two person households in which both partners have a job. Here we see an increasing demand for easy to prepare and cook meals or snacks, preferably with the use of a microwave oven.

In order to meet that demand, American Food Service B.V. (AFS) is specialized in the import of many American Food products for this rapidly growing market. Established in the Netherlands, AFS already expanded other European countries such as Belgium, France, Spain, Greece, Finland, Ireland, Lebanon, Italy and the United Kingdom. AFS also exports to Asia, Aruba, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Curacao and Surinam in South America.

A few of the many brands which American Food Service imports for you are the Arizona Drinks, Duncan Hines Cake mixes and Home-style Toppings, Stars & Stripes Root beer, Country Choice, SteaZ, Peter Pan, Jolly Time, Bosco, Nestle, A&W, Mountain Dew, Great American, Kellogg’s, Crisco, Marshmallow Fluff.

On our website you will find information and examples of our product range. Being a flexible organization that is focusing on changes on the market, our product range is constantly updated meeting the demand of this market.

American Food Service is a dynamic and rapidly growing company. The company is located in Maarssen, Utrecht (The Netherlands).
We distribute from our warehouse in the Netherlands and the USA.
As the business is expanding we are working on the possibility to deliver within 48 hours after receiving an order. We are well organized with a focus on sales, ordering and after-sales.

We can be proud to say that we collaborate on domestic market with several clients such as C1000, Jumbo, Vomar, Ahold, Hanos, Kweker, Sligro, Delicatesse Etnic Stores, Makro, Carrefour Belgium, Spar International, Wholesales, Department Stores etc.


We export to:

Belgie, Frankrijk, Spanje, Griekenland, Italy, Czech Republic, Duitsland, Curacao, Frans Guyana, Libanon, Dubai, Aruba, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia & Japan.

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